Super Pike Sawblades

JEWELERS’ SAWBLADES - Scies Miniatures, Vallorbe, Switzerland
We have manufactured premium quality Jewelers' Sawblades at our factory Scies Miniatures, owned by Grobet USA, for over half a century.

We are the only sawblade manufacturer in Vallorbe, Switzerland, and we offer the finest jewelers' sawblades in the world.

Each blade is manufactured to exacting tolerances for angle, size and cut of each tooth.

• Our unique tempering process ensures consistent flexibility and long blade life.

It also gives our sawblades their exclusive golden straw color, which is your guarantee of receiving the world's finest sawblades.

Rounded back makes cutting curves easier. Uniformly set teeth reduce binding and breakage.

Special alloy steel make our blades last longer and stay sharper.


Superior quality brand developed using an optimized heat treatment process to , reach a maximum level of performance.

Sold by the gross.