Use with mandrels on flexible shaft machines.With 116" center holes.

Sold by box of 100.

No.           Diameter  Thickness

10.672           58"           14"

10.670           58"           18"

10.678          78"            18"

SAFETY TIPS: Improper use of grinding wheels is dangerous. Comply with American National Standards Institute Safety Code B7.1 and Occupational Safety and Health Act covering: speed, safety guards, flanges, mounting procedures, general operating rules, handling, storage and inspection, and general machine conditions.

 Maximum RPM for the wheels listed in this section is as follows:

Diameter    Maximum RPM                           

       12"          20,350                                                                                     

       58"          16,250                                                 

       34"          13,540                                                 

       78"          11,600

      1"        10,175




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